What people are saying about us

In the case of Ben he is the type of player that clubs desire to have on their list. His knowledge and enthusiasm for the game, especially for the nuances of Ruck play have become highly developed over his playing career resulting in the high demand for his services, making him an asset as a player and a coach at your club.
Will Minson, All Australian Ruckman, Western Bulldogs
Ben knows his craft. He has this ability to both teach and challenge our young players. Ben builds strong relationships and is a consistently positive influence within our club.
Nathan Buckley, Head Coach, Collingwood FC

'If winning isn't everything, why do they keep score' - Vince Lombardi

So get a coaching edge this AFL season with Tall Performance.


We are always motivated by team success.


When we play, we take on the game.


No matter what, we are responsible for our actions and decisions.


We commit to withstand and improve from our setbacks.